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Keep your baby’s skin comfortable while travelling in summer! The anti-sweat pad made of bamboo fabric is not only a practical and functional addition to a car seat, but also a guarantee of comfort and safety for your little one during travel.

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Keep your baby’s skin comfortable while travelling in summer!

Check out the benefits of the ColorStories bamboo anti-sweat car seat pad with 3D technology!

As mums, we try to take care of every detail that will positively influence the comfort and safety of our little one. One such detail that turns a journey from anguish to pleasure is the anti-sweat pad for the car seat made of the highest quality bamboo fabric and innovative 3D mesh.

Why opt for this product? Our car seat pad, thanks to the combination of bamboo and innovative 3d mesh technology, not only increases optimal airflow preventing newborn nappy rash and sweating even on longer journeys. It also has cushioning properties and increases the safety of the little one related to micro shocks.

At ColorStories they always put the safety of your little ones first. They give you the best quality and guarantee of safety of fabrics and accessories, confirmed by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certificate.

The ColorStories anti-sweat seat pad is made of high quality, soft bamboo fabric and a special 3D honeycomb mesh. The fabric and the mesh are certified with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 safety certificate. This guarantees that the product is free of harmful substances and meets the highest European Union standards for baby skin safety.

The innovative, certified 3D honeycomb mesh used in the ColorStories anti-sweat seat pad provides increased air circulation in the seat and extra protection against micro shocks.

The unique 3D mesh technology with a weight of 460 g/m and a thickness of 10 mm, which is chosen for you for the anti-sweat seat liner, ensures optimal airflow, preventing newborn nappy rash and chafing even during longer journeys in summer. At the same time, this innovative material is characterised by minimal water and moisture absorption, so your little one travels in a dry and hygienic environment. The 3D structure has shock-absorbing properties and protects the tiny body from micro shocks.

Discover all the advantages of our anti-sweat bamboo car seat pad:
It effectively protects against moisture and newborn nappy rash even in the heat of summer – take care of your baby’s skin. The first and one of the most important advantages of the bamboo anti-sweat car seat pad is its ability to effectively protect against moisture in two ways. The bamboo fabric has excellent hydroscopic properties – it absorbs moisture from the environment. At the same time, the 3D spatial mesh from which the seat pads are sewn, thanks to tiny honeycomb-like channels, improves ventilation and protects the baby from sweating. As a result, our anti-sweat seat pad protects your little one’s delicate skin against dampness, newborn nappy rash, allergies and irritation,,/b> ensuring comfort even on long journeys.
Discover the anti-fungal and anti-allergenic properties of bamboo – it will protect your baby’s skin. The bamboo fabric used to make the anti-sweat seat liner has anti-fungal and anti-allergenic properties, which further protects your little one’s skin. You can rest assured that even with prolonged contact, the certified bamboo fabric is safe for babies’ sensitive skin.
It provides better airflow and has shock-absorbing properties – increase your little one’s safety on the go! The special honeycomb layer significantly improves airflow during travel, preventing your little one from sweating. At the same time, thanks to its 10 mm thick 3D structure, it softens and absorbs shocks that are unavoidable when travelling in a car seat. As a result, your child will feel comfortable and safe during every journey.
Oeko Tex certified – guarantees the absence of substances harmful to the skin. The fabrics used in the production of the anti-sweat pad for the car seat are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, which guarantees that they do not contain any substances harmful to the skin of the little ones. So you can be sure that your child is surrounded by high-quality materials that are safe for their delicate skin.
Easy to clean – convenience for the busy mum! The anti-sweat pad is easy to remove and wash, ensuring greater hygiene and cleanliness in the car seat. For a busy mum, this is a huge relief as she can quickly and easily clean the seat without wasting valuable time.
Extra protection for your car seat – protect it from dirt and bacteria. Thanks to the anti-sweat pad, your car seat will remain free of dirt, bacteria and unpleasant odors for longer. This is ideal for all mums who care about the cleanliness of their car and want their little one to travel in a clean and safe environment.
Exceptionally soft bamboo fabric – choose the soft touch for your little one’s skin. The bamboo fabric is extremely soft and gentle to the touch, making the journey a pleasure for both baby and their parents. Your baby will feel comfortable and safe, and you’ll be confident that you’ve provided the best possible conditions for your baby during the journey.
Enjoy the unique, adorable look of your seat – choose your favourite from our original designs. The designs of the bamboo sweat pad will allow you to personalise your car seat and give it a unique baby look. This is the perfect solution for all mums who want to take care of the aesthetics and functionality of their little one’s car seat.
Made in Poland. The anti-sweat pads are made in Poland. This means you can be sure you are getting a top quality product that complies with European standards.
The size of the anti-sweat pad is 30x65cm.

The anti-sweat pad made of bamboo fabric is not only a practical and functional addition to a car seat, but also a guarantee of comfort and safety for your little one during travel. Thanks to its unique properties and certifications, you can be sure to provide your child with the best conditions during every journey. Therefore, do not hesitate and opt for the anti-sweat bamboo fabric seat pad today! Your little one deserves the best!



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high quality, soft bamboo fabric and a special 3D honeycomb mesh