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Thanks to the ColorStories nursing pillow, every mum can enjoy closeness, comfort and safety while feeding her little one.

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The unique advantages of the ColorStories nursing pillow – an indispensable companion for every mum!
Every mother wants to give her baby the best possible start in life. One of the most important aspects of caring for a newborn is feeding – whether at the breast or with a bottle. These are moments that are not only full of love, but also require stamina and comfort. That is why an extremely important helper for every mother is the feeding pillow.
Thanks to its unique features, the pillow not only provides comfort to the breastfeeding woman, but also supports the proper development and health of the baby. Let us see why it is worth betting on this irreplaceable invention!

At ColorStories, they always put the safety of your little ones first. They give you the best quality and guarantee of safety of fabrics and accessories confirmed by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certificate.

The ColorStories feeding pillow is made from the highest quality, velvety cotton and soft premium velvet minky fabric. All fabrics and the filling of the ColorStories feeding pillow have the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 safety certificate. This guarantees that the product is free of harmful substances and meets the highest European Union standards for babies from day one.

The high-quality certified filling in the ColorStories feeding pillow will ensure safety for your baby’s skin, excellent support and a stable feeding position. For the long term.

The ColorStories Feeding Pillow is filled with silicone down made from thin fibres formed into clusters with a diameter of approximately 5mm. Each fibre is spirally twisted and has a hollow channel to ensure adequate air circulation and elasticity. As a result, our nursing pillow is durable, resistant to deformation, bending and washing. It adapts perfectly to the shape of the waist, provides optimum comfort and has anti-allergenic properties.

Why is ColorStories nursing pillow a must-have for mums and toddlers?
Discover the unique benefits of our nursing pillows.
1. Stable support for mum – discover the unique comfort of the ColorStories nursing pillow. Thanks to its unique filling and ergonomic shape developed in collaboration with breastfeeding mums, the ColorStories nursing pillow provides comfortable and stable support for mum and baby. Its specially designed shape sits perfectly around the waist, ensuring a stable position during feeding.
2. Relieve the strain on your back and shoulders – enjoy moments of closeness without pain. Thanks to the unique ergonomics of the ColorStories nursing pillow, your back is properly supported, eliminating the risk of pain and muscle tension. This is invaluable support for a tired mum who needs rest and support during those important moments of closeness with her baby. The breastfeeding pillow not only takes care of the breastfeeding mum’s back, but also relieves pressure on her shoulders and helps to maintain the correct position during feeding. This allows the young mum to focus on her little treasure, avoiding unnecessary strain. This solution is ideal for those who experience shoulder pain or muscle stiffness during longer feeding sessions.
3. Forget expectoration and colic – hold the milk bottle at the right angle. One of the most valuable benefits of a feeding cushion is the ability to hold the milk bottle at the right angle. This is particularly important as it helps to avoid expectoration and colic in babies.
4. Correct head positioning – the key to a healthy digestive system for your little one. Supported on a feeding cushion, your baby’s head is guaranteed to be in the correct position, which contributes to a healthy digestive system. The feeding pillow is an excellent tool to support your baby’s healthy development.
5. ColorStories Nursing Pillow – your support for the correct breastfeeding of your baby. The ColorStories nursing pillow provides excellent support for your baby during breastfeeding. It helps to latch your baby properly to your breast, providing better adherence and facilitating sucking. It is particularly valuable for mums with difficulties in correctly latching on to their baby or for those who want to make sure their little treasure is sucking well.
6. Eye contact with the baby – strengthen the emotional bond from the very first moments. It is extremely important to build the emotional bond between mother and baby from the very beginning. The cushion will help the young mum to position the baby so that she can maintain eye contact with them, helping to create a strong and close bond.
7. Cleanliness and hygiene with ease – removable cover and easy washing. We also make sure that using our nursing pillow is as convenient as possible for a busy mum. That’s why it is easy to care for – you can machine wash it on a gentle cycle at 40 degrees and keep it in perfect condition for years to come. The breastfeeding pillow has a removable zipped cover for hygiene and cleanliness.
8. The size of our nursing pillow is 55x40cm and 15cm high.

A unique gift for mums-to-be
If you are looking for a unique gift for a mum-to-be, the ColorStories nursing pillow will be the perfect choice! It is not only extremely practical and useful, but also very elegant and stylish.

Tailored to your style
We offer different designs and collections so that you can match your feeding pillow to your style and preferences. The unique proprietary collections combined with premium velvet minky fabric and stylish accessories will be a beautiful, elegant addition to your layette. You can combine the pillow with a baby nest, bedding and pijamas in the same style and colour.

The ColorStories nursing pillow is an essential piece of equipment for every mother. Its unique advantages, such as providing comfortable and ergonomic support for the breastfeeding mother, taking care of her back, relieving pressure on her shoulders and the correct position, facilitating holding the bottle at the right angle, providing stable and comfortable support for the baby, better adherence and facilitating sucking, as well as maintaining eye contact with the baby, make it an indispensable companion for every young and future mother.

Thanks to the ColorStories nursing pillow, every mum can enjoy closeness, comfort and safety while feeding her little one. Keep your baby’s needs in mind and ensure your health and comfort – rely on proven solutions!



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