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Sleeping bag for your baby – give your little one the best night’s sleep!
The ColorStories baby sleeping bag is the safest and indispensable sleep cover for babies from day 1!

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Sleeping bag for baby – ensure your little one’s safe sleep!
Infant sleeping bag is an extremely useful and necessary item of layette for every mother-to-be. It protects against the risk of SIDS, will provide adequate warmth, and protects against overheating and cooling – these are just some of the many advantages of this product. Made of the highest quality, skin-friendly materials, ColorStories sleeping bag is a guarantee of your baby’s peaceful and safe sleep. Regardless of the season, you can be sure that your little one will be warmly wrapped up throughout the night.

Why a sleeping bag from ColorStories is the safest sleep cover
1. Takes care of safe sleep and protects against the risk of SIDS. Your little one’s sleep safety is an absolute priority. The infant sleeping bag is a fantastic invention that helps provide a safe and comfortable sleeping environment. In addition to preventing uncovering, it also protects against the possibility of the baby’s head and face being covered during sleep, an important risk factor associated with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
2. It protects against hypothermia and overheating. ColorStories sleeping bags are the perfect solution to keep your baby at the optimal temperature while they sleep. Thanks to them, you don’t have to worry about your baby slipping off the blanket or quilt. The infant sleeping bag stays in place, providing lasting protection from the cold. ColorStories sleeping bag is sewn from cotton, so it additionally provides optimal air circulation and prevents overheating.
3. It provides freedom of movement. Thanks to the sleeping bag, your baby will be able to turn from side to side and bend their legs. They will gain more comfort and a sense of freedom while sleeping without uncovering. By choosing an infant sleeping bag, you give your baby unlimited freedom of movement, while sleep allows them to regenerate and develop.
4. Quick and convenient diaper changes. There is another benefit that will make you love baby sleeping bags even more. Designed with parental convenience in mind, the ColorStories sleeping bag has a zipper that detaches from the bottom, allowing for quick and easy diaper changes without completely undressing your little one. This really is a real convenience, especially at night, when every second of sleep is most worth appreciating.
5. Gentle to the skin 100% cotton. The soft 100% cotton knit fabric that is used to sew the baby sleeping bags will naturally and gently wrap the baby’s sensitive skin. It is certified, manufactured for Colorstories in Poland and meets EU safety standards for baby skin.
6. Anti-allergenic warm filling. ThesSleeping bag for autumn and winter is filled for you with anti-allergic warm fleece. All this to make your baby warm and soft in this sleeping bag.
7. 2.5 TOG Ideal for temperatures up to 21 degrees. The 2.5 TOG sleeping bag is made of two layers of material with warm filling. It is ideal for year-round use and room temperature of 15-21 degrees.
8. Secure zipper. The infant sleeping bag has a quiet and trouble-free zipper of the highest quality, which does not contain harmful nickel. They additionally shielded it under the neck to protect delicate skin.
9. Easy to wash and keep clean. You can easily and conveniently wash the ColorStories baby sleeping bag in the washing machine on the delicate cycle. This will ensure your Baby’s cleanliness and higher protection against allergies, fungi and microorganisms.

How to wash and care for ColorStories sleeping bag
You can easily wash the sleeping bag in the washing machine on a delicate cycle. Do not use bleach. Use mild detergents suitable for the skin of babies and children. To preserve the quality of the product, do not dry it in dryers.

What does the TOG scale mean
The TOG scale is a measure that determines how well a material or product insulates heat. The higher the TOG value, the more warmth it provides. For example, if you see that a sleeping bag or blanket has a high TOG value, it means that it will keep you more warm and perform well during winter evenings.
Remember that the TOG scale of the sleeping bag is selected according to the temperature in the room where the toddler sleeps, not the weather and the temperature outside.
When you invest in a ColorStories sleeping bag, you are ensuring comfort, warmth, safety and exceptional wrapping for your little one. This is a top quality product – durable and versatile.



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