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The ColorStories sleeping bag with legs is the safest and indispensable sleep cover for active toddlers! Ensure freedom of movement and proper wrapping for your little one.

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The ColorStories sleeping bag with legs is the safest and indispensable sleep cover for active toddlers! Ensure freedom of movement and proper wrapping for your little one. Discover the most important advantages of our sleeping bag with legs.

Why is the ColorStories sleeping bag with legs an essential layette item
1. It takes care of your little one’s safe sleep. Unlike traditional blankets, sleeping bags are carefully designed to provide warmth while ensuring freedom of movement. In a sleeping bag, you are assured that your little one’s face will be uncovered. This allows you to sleep soundly, knowing that your baby is safe.
2. Protects against chilling and overheating. ColorStories sleeping bags are the perfect solution to keep your children at the optimum temperature while they sleep. With them, you don’t have to worry about your baby slipping off the blanket or duvet. The sleeping bag stays in place, providing lasting protection from the cold. The ColorStories sleeping bag is sewn from cotton, so it additionally ensures optimal air circulation and prevents overheating.
3. Ensures freedom of movement. With the sleeping bag with legs, your little one will be able to turn from side to side and bend their legs. They will gain more comfort and a sense of freedom while sleeping. By choosing a sleeping bag with legs, you are giving your child unrestricted freedom of movement, while sleep allows them to regenerate and develop.
4. It is easy to put on and take off. The innovative zipper, which is found in these sleeping bags with legs, allows for quick and easy putting on and taking off. No more struggling with buttons and fasteners. This sleeping bag is a time-saving and convenient solution!
5. Easy to wash and keep clean. You can easily and conveniently wash the ColorStories sleeping bag with legs frequently in the washing machine on the delicate cycle. In this way, you will ensure that your baby is clean and better protected against allergies, fungi and microorganisms.
6. 2.5 TOG Ideal for temperatures up to 21 degrees. The 2.5 TOG sleeping bag is made of two layers of material with warm filling. It is ideal for year-round use and room temperatures between 15-21 °C.

Discover the unique features of the ColorStories sleeping bag
1. Top quality materials for a perfect night’s sleep for your little one. The soft 100% cotton knit fabric that is used to sew the sleeping bags will naturally and gently wrap your baby’s sensitive skin. It is certified, produced for ColorStories in Poland and meets EU safety standards for baby skin. The sleeping bags are filled with anti-allergenic fleece. This is all to keep the baby warm and soft in the sleeping bag.
2. The unique practical design and details have been selected with the utmost care. With care and the utmost attention ColorStories has developed the unique shape of the sleeping bags for you and selected all the extras. They have taken care to ensure the right width, so that your little one can feel as comfortable as in a sleeping bag while at the same time gaining freedom for their feet. They added a practical zipper that does not contain harmful nickel.
3. The fold-over cuffs on the feet protect them from the cold. You can adapt them to your little one’s preferences in this sleeping bag. If you don’t want the to sleep with bare feet or in socks, you can easily pull the special cuff over their feet and ensure they stay warm.

How to wash and care for the ColorStories sleeping bag with legs
You can easily wash the sleeping bag in the washing machine on a delicate cycle. Do not use bleach. Use a mild detergent suitable for babies and children’s skin. Do not dry the product in the dryer to preserve its quality.

For which age is the sleeping bag designed
The ColorStories sleeping bag with legs is designed for children 1-3 years old. Its dimensions are 85x35cm.

What does the TOG scale mean
The TOG scale is a measure of how well a material or product insulates heat. The higher the TOG value, the more warmth it provides. For example, if you see that a sleeping bag or blanket has a high TOG value, this means that it will keep you more warm and will be perfect for winter evenings.
Remember that the TOG scale of the sleeping bag is selected according to the temperature of the room in which the baby sleeps, not the weather or the temperature outside.
By investing in a ColorStories sleeping bag, you are ensuring comfort, warmth, safety and an exceptional wrap for your little one. It is a top quality product – durable and versatile.



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