Les Droles de Bouilles Coloritable Set Walk in the Forest


Discover the wooden coloring table with unique colorings that can be erased with water. The table is suitable for children from 2 years old thanks to the inclusive illustrations and its evolutionary side. The set includes 1 Coloritable, 2 stools and 1 set of erasable markers.

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Go for a walk in the forest with Bree, Nico and Jamy.
Our 3 friends discover the richness and diversity of the forest through the 4 seasons.
Bree, and her faithful companion Zack, discover hibernating bears through the snowy fir trees and mountains.
Jamy chooses to create a herbarium during the most favourable period of the autumn, under the benevolent gaze of the Deer.
Finally, Nico, between spring and summer, plants a tree on the banks of the pond.

This coloritable will take you on a rich adventure, allowing children to have fun together while having an educational content with the 4 seasons, the diversity of animals and the actions of Bree, Nico and Jamy.

The illustration is designed to suit the youngest children with large areas to colour in, as well as the older ones with small details.
Young and old alike will not resist.

A great idea to develop the creativity of your little ones. No more paper with this furniture that can be coloured over and over again. A space of unlimited creativity to colour alone, with friends and family.

Dimensions 60 x 60 cm
Thickness 20mm
Legs Varnished solid wood 40 x 40 mm
Height 40 cm
Weight 6kg


Use the markers supplied with the table. If you buy new markers, use erasable markers.


Wet a sponge with water and wipe the sponge over the table to erase the coloring. If some traces remain, the table is resistant to any household product.



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Les Droles de Bouilles