Mrs Ertha Splasher Vintage Squares


Safe and stylish at the beach or pool with Mrs Ertha’s spasher.

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Product Information

Mrs Ertha’s splashers are made from recycled polyester, and have extra dense and resistant foam. It is 100% adjustable at the back and provides much better stability in the water than regular vests thanks to the attachment of the arms. In this way, the child is fully supported and in a vertical position, avoiding inclinations and rises of the vest without having to wear a strap between the legs, avoiding this discomfort.

• Composition: recycled polyester and foam
• Age/Weight: 2-6 years old / 14-25kg

WARNING: This is not life saving equipment. Use only in water where the child can swim. Use only under constant supervision. Standard: EN13138-1



Mrs Ertha


recycled polyester and foam