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Premium collection, made of luxurious 100% Merino Wool from New Zealand blend.

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    Premium collection, made of luxurious 100% Merino Wool from New Zealand blend.

    What is special about Merino Wool?

    Merino sheep live in conditions in which the sheep we know would not survive. The temperature in the areas where they occur ranges from -20 degrees in winter to 30 degrees in summer. In order to survive in such harsh conditions – merino was endowed by nature with a special wool. Merino fibers are built to keep you warm in cold weather, and to breathe and cool in hot weather.

    Merino Wool is a breathable fabric that protects against overheating. It is perfect for summer days and differs from regular wool. Merino Wool is gentler and much better than regular wool. It is highly flexible and blends easily. That is why regular wool is itchy and Merino Wool is not. This Merino Wool Blanket is very lightweight, delicate and soft. It is not itchy. Nature is the greatest! No other fiber could be so warm and functional. It keeps warmth in wintertime but Merino Wool is in fact perfect for all year round use!

    Merino Wool properties:

    1. 100% natural fiber- Merino Wool is made of natural fiber. Sheep are bred in a natural and ecological habitats. They graze the hills of New Zealand and Australia freely.

    2. 100% renewable and biodegradable when disposed of-it takes only a few years to decompose back into earth.

    3. Merino Wool absorbs moisture- it absorbs body’s moisture vapors and evaporate them outside of the fabric. Its ability to absorb and release moisture makes it one of the most breathable fiber on the market.

    4. Merino Wool has thermoregulatory properties- it maintains a comfortable temperature, keeps cool during hot days and warm in cold ones. This is very important for the very young babies who are not capable of regulating their body temperature. Their body warms up and cools down faster than adults’.

    5. Merino Wool absorbs body moisture- the moisture evaporates through the Merino Wool. Even if the blanket gets wet, the child does not feel it. That is the reason why Merino Wool is the ideal base layer for close-to-skin sport clothes.

    6. Merino Wool is odour- resistant- it covers all unpleasant smells and releases them upon washing. It needs to be washed rarely. All absorbed odours are released back into the air. Merino Wool is also proved to be sweat- resistant, absorbs sweat molecules that gives off after washing.

    7. Merino Wool is fire -proof- its chemical structure is proved to be fire resistant. Unlike cotton that ignite at 225°C, Merino Wool does not ignite unless it reaches 570-600°C. Merino Wool does not melt so it never clings to the skin.

    8. Merino Wool blocks Ultraviolet rays (UV) and serves as a natural UV barrier- it gives ultimate protection from the sun, so it is the best choice while being out in the fresh air.

    9. Merino Wool has antibacterial and antifungal properties- sheep-produced waxes are highly antiallergic. It protects against dust and dust mites.

    10. Merino Wool is known as anti-wrinkle fiber-as observed at microscopic level, each wool fiber is like a coiled spring that returns to its natural shape after being bent. There are no annoying wrinkle damage.

    11. Merino Wool stays clean- it is dirt resistant. Its natural protective layer prevent stains from being absorbed. Merino Wool is naturally anti-static so attracts no dust and lint.

    100% Merino Wool can radically improve sleep quality. Sleeping under Merino Wool blankets is extremely enjoyable and profitable. Merino fiber actively regulates temperature. Protects each sleeping baby from overheating and body cooling. It provides comfortable temperature all year round and ensures a good sleep.

    Size: 80×100 (+/- 4cm)

    Colour: Cream

    Composition: 100% natural Merino Wool

    Our yarn holds STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX Certificate – I class.

    EAN: 5903661239329

    The blanket is packed in an ecological cotton bag.

    Made in Poland

    100% Merino Wool Blanket can be cleaned rarely.

    Care instruction: We recommend gentle hand washing in warm water at 30 degrees. For washing, use wool products. Dry flat. Don’t dry on a heat source, e.g. a radiator or in the sun. After washing, the blanket should be shaped.

    Our blankets are machine washable, but only on the “wool” program. However, this isn’t the form of washing recommended by us, because we cannot check if the wool program in your washing machine is adapted to the requirements of merino wool, so we aren’t responsible for its negative effects (washing in the washing machine at your own risk).

    Don’t wash wool unless it is necessary. Merino wool need to ventilate. The wool cleans itself.



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