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A high quality ecological brush made of natural beechwood with agave cactus bristle and with cotton handband.

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A high quality ecological brush made of natural beechwood with agave cactus bristle and with cotton handband.

Natural, hard bristle helps to ensure the appearance and health of our skin. Performing a massage with the brush only a few times a week we are able to significantly improve the condition of our body. Brush massage is a kind of gentle scrub, however, in contrast to traditional forms, there is no risk of “clogging” the skin. It allows to remove dead skin and makes it firm, soft in touch and smooth. It also helps to fight visible cellulite and ingrown hair, what reduces the risk of irritation during shaving. When used regularly it improves our health and mood because it helps to remove toxins from our organism. The brush massage assists lymphatic system, improves blood circulation and reduces swelling.

It is a perfect way to both start and end a day. In the morning, before shower, the massage will help to stimulate our body to daily activity, whereas in the evening it will help to release our body from stress and tiredness. If we use some skin care cosmetics every day,, the brush massage before putting them on will increase their effectiveness.

While using the tampico brush remember to start brushing from the feet and then gradually move to the upper body. The direction of the massage should always be the same from the bottom to the top because in that way we stimulate our body towards the lymph nodes. Brushing the belly with circular movements (clockwise) will stimulate digestion.

Massage should last approximately 3-5 minutes.

Contraindication: Any bacterial or viral skin disorders, open wounds and fresh scars.

Massage with the tampico brush is safe during pregnancy, however remember to do this softly around belly and breast or completely resign from massaging these parts of body. If you decide to massage softly, remember to cease in the third trimester.

Fiber: 100% Tampico
Frame: Beech wood
Cotton belt

EAN: 5903661239190

Maintenance: The brush is made of natural wood, please do not soak it. For optimal care, after each use, brush off the bristle and put on an oil with water or a disinfectant liquid (e.g. Octenisept). The brush is personal hygiene product and it should be replaced with the new one regularly (on average every 3 months).

Due to monitor differences actual wood colors may vary from what it appears online.



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100% Tampico, beech wood, cotton belt