Sophie la girafe Gift Package with 2 Teethers


Two teethers from the original Sophie la girafe in a beautiful gift box.

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Product Information

Two teethers from the original Sophie la girafe in a beautiful gift box.

The set includes:
– The original Sophie, the baby’s first toy that stimulates all his senses
– Teether ring made of 100% natural rubber
Pure and practical, it relieves the baby’s gums at different stages of teething, thanks to its different surfaces. With handle for easy grip.

In a beautiful gift box, ideal gift for newborns.

Sophie la girafe stimulates the 5 senses:

At the age of 3 months infants’ vision is very limited and can only distinguish large contrasts. The dark and high-contrast spots all over Sophie’s body attract attention and stimulate the baby’s vision. Soon the baby visually recognizes Sophie, she feels familiar and reassuring.

The baby is happy with the whistle on Sophie’s body, but at the same time their hearing is stimulated. At first the funny sound that Sophie makes when she is squeezed helps to stimulate hearing, then as the baby grows, it helps the baby to connect the result with its action (cause and effect).

Sophie is made of 100% natural rubber and colors used in cooking and is completely safe for the baby to chew on, just like they would a pacifier or a bottle nipple. Its soft texture and its many chewable parts (ears, horns, legs) give the baby enormous relief to their sore gums during teething.

Touch is the first sense a baby uses to communicate with the outside world. Sophie’s soft feel, like their mom’s skin, stimulates psychological and emotional reactions that relax the baby and promote their healthy growth and euphoria.

The special smell of rubber, straight from the rubber trees, stimulates the baby’s sense of smell and makes it stand out from all his other toys.



Sophie La Girafe


100% natural rubber and edible non-toxic colors