Product Information

Your child’s creative imagination needs an outlet that will not only allow them to express themselves freely, but also develop valuable skills in the process. The Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 32 Pieces Set is the answer for kids ages 3 and up. Many hours of play and creativity without teaching! Kids have the chance to build images of their imagination, from their favorite movie character to a palace fit for royalty!

General features:

• Safe and durable materials : Made of food-grade ABS plastic that does not contain BPA, latex or phthalates to ensure the safety of children without affecting the strength of the magnets! They will last for years of play, being highly resistant to use and tear, whether children play indoors or outdoors.
• Recommended by educators : Play and learn with the 32-piece Magna-Tiles Clear Colors set! These magnetic toys are recommended by educators around the world for their ability to help with understanding trigonometric shapes, science, math, and fostering imagination!
• Bright colors of great clarity : The magnetic shapes in this set look like stained glass and come in a variety of geometric shapes with great scratch resistance.
• Compatible with all Magna-Tiles : To give your child even more creative freedom, you can combine it with any other Magna-Tiles set! All magnetic tiles have the same dimensions so they can be combined with all other sets without restrictions!

Package includes : 2 large squares, 14 small (7.5 cm) squares, 8 equilateral triangles, 4 right triangles and 4 isosceles triangles.

Package dimensions: 25.5 x 29.5 x 5 cm
Suitable from 3 years





Food-Grade ABS plastic