Product Information

Meals with our little ones can be so much fun, but they sometimes end up chaotic.

Easy to clean – Babies and toddlers love to eat themselves, for example fruit or spaghetti bolognese. Our orange food-repellent bibs make it easy to clean up after such a meal.

Very easy to store – All of our bibs are easy to roll up and the collection area retains its shape, especially when things have to be done quickly, so the food stays in the designated collection pocket. This makes food stains on clothes and furniture a thing of the past.

Reinforced Buttonhole – Our bib has a very soft and variable collar, with a reinforced buttonhole, which ensures easier donning and doffing of the bib, but still prevents opening by the child.

Saves time and effort – After feeding, simply clean with soapy water or in the top dishwasher compartment. Can be quickly rolled up and stored in a space-saving way.

100% Safe Silicone Bibs – Our FDA approved, premium food grade silicone is 100% BPA, BPS and PVC free, just as it should be.



The Cotton Cloud


food grade silicone is 100% BPA, BPS and PVC free


Multicolor, Purple